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What is Afghan Nadra Card Online!

  • The Afghan Nadra Card Online is a very essential initiative from the Government of Pakistan in order to help the Afghan refugees to settle down as Pakistani citizens. The Afghan Nadra Card will give an identity to all those Afghans across the world who do not have their Afghan nationality and have been born and raised in Pakistan.
  • Presently, there are about 2.7 million Afghans living in Pakistan. Among these, only around 1.5 million are registered as refugees. The Prime Minister of Pakistan gave a green signal to respective officials for the issuance of the National Identity Card and of Afghans born in Pakistan.
  • According to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, the step to issue Pakistani Nationality to the Afghanis Born in Pakistan will help treat these people fairly and push them away from the line of crime. He also said that this initiative was in accordance with the refugee rules followed around the globe.
  • Nicop Services UK is pleased to offer its exclusive online services to its Pakistan-born Afghani customers. Now they won’t have to line up at the embassies and waste their precious time and energy. They can easily apply online with Nicop Card Services UK not only rid you of all the hassles of getting the National ID card made. Our well-trained agents fill in your application form for you and help you throughout the procedure!

Apply for Your Afghan Nicop Card Online?

  • You only have to gather all the required documents and send them to us online. With only one upfront payment, our agents will do the rest for you!
Required Documents:

Sized Picture of The Applicant

Valid CNIC Number and Name of a Relative Who is a Pakistani National Card Holder

Or Valid of a Blood Relative

Valid of the Applicant

  • Once you have submitted the documents, our agents will process your Afghan Nadra Card Online Application and submit it to the Nadra Headquarter

"Once the Nicop Card procedure is completed, Nicop Card Services UK will be delivered your Nadra Card to you at your mailing address"