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Family Registration Certificate – FRC UK is an important document that verifies your identity and shows your family composition as per the records of the National Database Regulatory Authority

Why Do You Need an FRC?

An FRC – family registration certificate is a legal document that verifies your Nadra record and provides the composition of your family. It is an important document needed for Embassy matters. FRC UK is used for verification purposes when someone applies for a visa for higher education, immigration, official visit, or foreign visits.

Categories of FRC UK

You Can Apply For FRC in The Following Three Categories:

By Birth – it will list your family including the details of your parents and siblings

By Marriage – it will list your family including the details of your spouse and children

By Adoption – it will list your family including the details of your guardian

Documents Required For FRC UK Application

To Apply for FRC you need to have the following documents

  • Family Member Nadra Card Copie
  • Family Photos
  • Death Certificate (if required

How To Apply For Family Registration Certificate?

Nicop Services UK has made the FRC application very easy and convenient for you. With our services available around the clock, anyone can apply for FRC onlinepeople with a very busy schedule, housewives, and senior citizen
The process of applying for your FRC online is very simple and easy.

 First, you have to fill out the ‘Apply Now’ form on our website.

 Next, you create contact with our agent through Telegram.

 After that, you have to submit the required documents.

  • Once all the documents are approved and verified, your application is sent to the Nadra Head office.
  • Throughout the process, all the paperwork is done by Nicop Services UK agents on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about your application process at all!