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Nicop Tracking and Passport Tracking With Nicop Services UK

  • You can track your Nicop Card Application and Machine-readable Pakistan Passport with Nicop Services UK.(Nicop Tracking)
  • At Nicop Services Uk you can get your new Nadra Card, Nadra Card Renewal, Passport renewal, FRC, POC, and PoA services.
  • Nicop Services UK provides all these services online to provide you with ease and convenience.
  • Moreover, with Nicop Card UK, when your application is processed we provide you the details of its status through the online Nadra Tracking facility!
  • You can track the status of your Nicop application through the online Nicop Tracking Uk available on our website.
  • We are a platform that helps all the Pakistanis living abroad to deal with all Nadra Card services without any worries.
  • Throughout the process of getting your Nicop Card or Passport renewed online, you can keep a check for what is happening to your application through our tracking services. Through Nadra Tracking and Passport Tracking services, you can have a look at the status of your application online.

The Application Tracking System Updates You About The Following Statuses of The Application:


Approved and sent for printing



Awaiting documents

Nicop Tracking Uk

What Do The Tracking Status Tell?

Each Tracking Status Tells About what Process the Application is Going through.

Submitted: Submitted status means that your Nadra Card or Passport application is submitted at the Nadra Head office for further processing.

Approved and sent for printing: this status means that your application is approved by Nadra Head Office and the card or the passport is sent for printing.

Dispatched: The dispatch status tells us that the Nadra card or passport is on its way to your mailing address.

Differed: The Differed status of your application means that there is some objection from Nadra's Head office or more documents are needed to process your application.

Awaiting Document: This status indicates that the applicant has still not provided any one or all of the required documents.

How to Track Nicop Card UK:

Once you submit your supplication at Nicop Services UK you get a Tracking ID number. With this tracking ID, you can check the status of your Nadra Card.

Simply visit our website Nicop Services UK and ‘Track Your Application tab.

Add your tracking ID and submit. You can then see your Nadra Card status easily!