Nicop Services UK



About the Service

NICOP SERVICES UK is an online service for Pakistanis living abroad in Europe to apply for their NICOPs. At NICOP SERVICES UK, you can apply for:
  • New Overseas ID (NICOP) for the first time.
  • NICOP renewal.
  • NICOP modification.
  • POC first Time
  • POC Renewal
  • POC Modification
  • Pakistani Passport Renewal
  • FRC (Famliy Relation Certificate)
Why should I choose NICOP SERVICES UK?
  • Convenient: Apply for your NICOP card from the comfort of your home.
  • Fast Service: You can get your NICOP made within 7 to 10 days of document submission.
  • DHL Tracked secure and timely delivery at your given mailing address
  • Door Delivery: We make it sure that your NADRA card is delivered right to your doorstep in a timely and safe manner.
  • We Store all your Personal Details at a Secure Server, once application is complete Data is encrypted and disposed in a secure manner.
What is the procedure?
  • Fill a simple form on our website with your details.
  • Our customer representative will contact you.
  • Send us your documents and details over email.
  • Sign and stamp the fingerprints on the form sent to you using the inkpad provided to you.
  • Send it back to us in the same prepaid envelope.
  • Your card is delivered to your mailing address within 7 to 10 days after documents have been processed.
Privacy & Policy
You can always reach out to us on our number: 01733 564052
  • Cash: You may come and drop cash off at one of our offices.
  • Debit/Credit Card: Call us and one of our representative will be happy to process your card payment.
How do I track my Nadra card Online?
  • Your application can be tracked with us by clicking on the link below
  • Our Nadra Agent will provide you with your tracking ID.
  • We will also keep you updated about your nadra card. When its approved and sent for printing.
  • When the card will be dispatched you will be provided with Tracking number as well.
What is the fees for Different Nadra card Services?
  • We offer following services:
    Fast: £199 each, in 7-10 Working Days service this is from the day we submit your application.
    Urgent: £180 each, in 3-4 Working Weeks Service from the day we submit the application.
    Slow: £150 each, in 6 Working Weeks Service from the day we submit the application.
    POC Fast : £350 2-3 working weeks from the day we submit your application
    POC Slow£280 8-10 working weeks from the day we submit your application
Does Nadra card mean dual nationality?
  • Yes, if you have British passport, then you can have both nationalities. But a few countries like Norway, Germany, Portugual don't allow dual nationality in this case you would need to apply for a POC card.
Who can be Nadra Verifiers?
  • Your NICOP application can be verified by a Nadra card holder but he/she should not be your family member. Like your friends, colleagues, neighbours.
Do we need an appointment to get the Nicop Services?
  • You don’t need to book an appointment. For us you are our priority. You just need to contact us, send the documents and we process the application for you.
Who can apply for Nadra card?
  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a document issued by the goverment to eligible citizensof Pakistan who live or have reference abroad. Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for NICOP. The NICOP card allows you to travel to Pakistan without a visa in case of dual nationality. NICOP cards are Valid for 10 Years.
What documents do I need for Nadra card?
  • The documents required depends on applicant and the type of card they are applying for. Please contact us, so we can send you the list of required documents.
  • You can visit the link given below to find out the documents required according to your Application.
What is a Nadra card?
  • National Identity Card (CNIC) NICOP is the identity card issued by Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).
  • THE CNIC card allows you Visa Free visit to Pakistan with an Unlimited Period of Stay. Nadra Card is normally issued for 10 Years however, if you may find that your card is valid for a short period, you will have to get your card reissued.
  • Obtaining a Bank Account in Pakistan on your own name.
  • Buying Property
  • Sim Card activation while you visit Pakistan
  • Selling Property
  • Pakistani Passport
  • Driving License
Can I apply for Nadra card online?
  • Yes you can apply Nadra Card online and have it delivered to your House Address without attending the consulate in person.
How can I get a Nadra card?
  • Getting Nadra Card is very easy with Simply, Fill out the 'apply now' form and we will guide you throughout the process till you have obtained your Nadra Card.
  • Click on the link below to apply:
How long does it take to get a Nadra card made?
  • The Nadra Card application process, and delivery timelines depends on the type of application selected by applicant.
  • In normal category, the delivery time of NICOP Card is approximately 31 days after approval of application by the case officer.
  • For Fast Service delivery time is approximately 23 working days after submission of application.
  • In Urgent Service NICOP is recieved in about 7-10 working days after Submission
How long is my Nicop valid for?

The NICOP Card is issued for 10 Years. If you are about 18 years old, you may find your card is valid for a short period. You would need to get your card reissued.

Application Categories

What categories of NICOP can I apply for?
NADRA Card Center will assist you for getting:
  • New Overseas ID Card (NICOP)
  • Renewal of NICOP
  • Modification of NICOP
  • Passport Renewal
  • POC
  • POC Renewal
  • FRC
When is it possible for me to apply for a new NICOP?
Identity Holder: If you already have a 13-digit NADRA ID number, we will help you get your ID card converted to a NICOP.
No Previous Identity: If you do not have the 13-digit ID number from NADRA, we will assist you in getting your new NICOP as the first identity document.
When can I apply for a renewal of my NICOP?
You can apply for the renewal of your NICOP in case it has expired or if its expiration date is near.
When should I apply for modification in NICOP?
Modifications in NICOP can be made when you have a change in status. This changae of status can be a change of name, marital status and family head.
What is a POC?
Pakistan Origin Card (POC) program makes the foreigners eligible for unprecedented incentives of getting back to their roots and enjoy Visa free entry into Pakistan. If you have a Pakistani Spouse you are eligible to apply for a POC card. The POC card is Valid for 5 years.
If you are a national of the Following countries Spain , Denmark, Germany , Norway Portugal then you need to Cancel your NICOP if you already have a NICOP/CNIC issued and then apply for a POC.
If you are holding Nationalities from the above Countries and want to apply first time for a POC then you do not need to Cancel your NICOP/CNIC.
What categories of POC can I apply?
You can directly apply on this website or contact us on our number: 01733 564052 to get the following POC services: 
  • New POC card.
  • Renewal of POC card.
  • Modification of POC card.

Processing and Delivery Time

How long will it take for the application process?
Our application process is made to ensure that least of your time is taken. Overall, the entire processing time is about 2 to 3 days.
How long will it be before I receive my NICOP/POC card?
Get your card through executive services within 7 – 10 working days and with our normal service you get it within 30 – 45 working days after the completion of your application

Application Review

How will I know that my application is complete?
Our customer representatives work closely with you to make sure none of your supporting documents or details  are missing and your applcation is completed thoroughly.
Where can I review the detail I provided?
Once you’ve sent in your details, we will fill out the paper work on your behalf and send it to your mailing address with a stamp pad in a prepaid  - return envelope. You can review the details on the form, provide your fingerprints and send the form back to us for processing.
I’ll need help filling my documents, where should I look for help?
You can easily reach out to us on our number: 01733 564052

Fee Payment

How do I pay the application fee?
You can pay your application fee via:
  • Cash: You may visit and drop cash off fee at one of our offices.
  • Debit/Credit Card: Call us and one of our representative will readily help to process your card payment.
Can I pay with someone else’s credit or debit card?
Yes, with the consent, you can pay by someone else’s debit or credit card. b
Is there a cash on delivery option available?
No, cash is paid directly at the office or online through the card.

Application Tracking

Will I be informed about the status of my application?
You will be informed when:
  • Your Nadra application is Submitted.
  • Your Nadra card is sent for printing and is Approved.
  • Your NICOP card is dispatched for delivery.