Nicop Services UK


You can apply for NICOP Cancelation online! There are different categories that require the cancellation of a Nicop card and we can help you get the card canceled without any hassle. Read on for the categories facilitated online

NICOP Cancellation Card Due to Death:

The immediate family members (parent/sibling/children/spouse) can apply for the cancellation of Nicop due to the death of a Pakistani Citizen/Ex-Pakistani under this category

Nicop Cancellation Due to Surrender of Pakistani Nationality

A Citizen of Pakistan who has formally renounced/surrendered Pakistani nationality by acquiring the nationality of a foreign country or acquired nationality of a foreign country (having valid foreign) that doesn’t permit dual nationality can apply for cancellation under this category

Introducing our Nicop services arose from the empathy of our dedicated team of specialists for people who have been in a foreign nation for years in order to establish a better future for their family.

So, with the assistance of our experts, you can now obtain any nadra card application online. Furthermore, our Nicop service prices are fairly inexpensive, so one may readily apply without being concerned about the high rates.