Nicop Services UK


Nicop services UK offers Online Power of Attorney services to its customers around the globe. If you are a Pakistani living abroad and need to give someone authority to act on your behalf, we’ve got you covered!
PoA stands for Power Of Attorney. Power of attorney is a legal document that enables a person to act on your behalf. It is basically an authorization by you to any person for making the decisions on your behalf, especially the legal matters


What is POA Needed?

If you want someone else to take actions regarding your legal issues to lie property, you can give them Power of Attorney
The power of attorney allows the other person to intervene and take decisions in your place.
With Nicop Services UK you can apply for power of attorney online. Now, you no more need to visit Pakistan for this purpose. In case of a legal emergency, you can easily apply for an Online Power Of Attorney.

What's the Purpose of POA?

For the less fortunate times in life, it’s always better to have a backup. PoA is like a backup for you!
In case of accidents or illness, PoA can protect your finances, businesses, or even your medical care. Without a PoA, you will always have to worry about your assets if in case you face an unfortunate event!

The document of Apply Online Power of Attorney is not only the key to a peaceful mind, it also helps to ensure that your loved ones aren’t faced with emotional, costly, and time-consuming delays in the event something unfavorable occurs

To Whom Can You Allot an Online Power of Attorney?

Choosing someone as in charge of your financial, business, or medical care representative in your place can be tricky. The first option will always be people whose loyalty you completely trust. But trust is not enough, your agent should also be able to manage the financial and legal matters responsibly.

What documents are needed to Apply For Power of Attorney Online:

  • Valid Identity document of each Applicant including CNIC / NICOP / POC.
  • Valid Identity document of each Witness including CNIC / NICOP / POC.
  • Valid Identity document of the Attorney including CNIC / NICOP / POC.
  • Valid e-mail address of the Applicant
  • Contact Number and Mailing Address in the country of application (outside of Pakistan
  • Biometrics of Applicant (Best 4 fingers
  • Biometrics of 2 x Witnesses (Best 4 fingers)
  • Credit Card / Debit Card to make online Fee Payment within the application
  • Original Power of Attorney (scanned copy to be uploaded in the PoA system by the Applicant
  • Any other relevant documents (for example Affidavit, if applicable, to be uploaded in the PoA system by the Applicant)
  • Details of Attorney and Witnesses
  • The Applicant must be an Overseas Pakistani.
  • For POA Attestation, Foreigners are required to physically visit the concerned Pakistan Mission Abroad after having their documents attested from their country’s respective State Department/Ministry of Foreign Affair