Nicop Services UK


  • NICOPSERVICES.UK exists so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or go through the hassle of paperwork to apply for your NICOP RENEWAL UK SERVICES.
  • We renew Pakistani and arrange delivery to your doorstep.
  • Our NICOP model is designed in a way, whereby you send us your details/documents via email. Thereafter, you will receive your card, upon the completion of your application within the following number of days:

    * Per application

    * From the day application submitted

    1. Fast NICOP Nadra Fees Within, 7 – 10 Working days, Executive Service £199
    2. Urgent NICOP Nadra Fees Within, 3 – 4 Working Weeks, Fast Service £180
    3. Normal NICOP Nadra Fees within, 6 Working Weeks, Normal service £150
    4. FRC 7 – 10 Working days Fast Track £90
  • NICOP Services UK customer representatives understand the dynamic nature of the paperwork and documentation required. Hence, we make sure that your documents are completed and double-checked prior to the next phase.
  • We then complete the form on your behalf, upon completion, we return it to your address (along with a stamp pad and a pre-paid envelope) for fingerprints and signatures. The signed form can then be sent back to us via the pre-paid envelope, and your NICOP is delivered to you
  • Once the application is paid and started, fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • We are not responsible for deferral or rejection of the application, if the application is deferred it would take more time to complete your application than your chosen this case, there is no compensation or Refund.
  • We are not responsible for any travel arrangements made before obtaining your card. We also request you not to make any plans before you obtain your Travel documents.
  • Do NOT book any tickets till you have your NICOP card, POC card, MRP in your possession, We will not be held responsible for any ticket change/loss that occurred by yourself.
  • We can advise on card processing and the delivery time as per NADRA, but we are not responsible if they take longer. The time mentioned on their website is the minimum time that it takes to process the application. It may take longer than that.
  • Basic supporting documents as specified by NICOP RENEWAL UK SERVICES, have to be submitted. However, in some cases, more documentation is required. The client is responsible to provide that.

It is as simple as that!

For more information on NICOP, POC or Pakistani Renewals please contact us on: