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Nicop Card UK is the identity card used by Pakistanis residing overseas to stay connected to their nation. The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a registration document provided to a Pakistani citizen who resides or has a reference in another country

Nicop is a must-have document for any Pakistanis residing abroad, and it may be used for personal identification in substitute for Computerized NIC (CNIC) both within and outside of Pakistan. The Nicop card is accepted at the domestic and international entrance and departure points. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Ordinance offers NICOP to Pakistani employees, immigrants, citizens, or dual nationals who have registered with the NADRA Ordinance

There are several advantages to having a ‘Nadra Card for Overseas Pakistanis’ or a Nicop. Some of them are listed below:

  • Even with a foreign, you can enter Pakistan without a visa
  • Protection of all Pakistani citizens' right
  • Recognition as a full-fledged Pakistani citizen
  • It is possible to open a bank account in Pakistan
  • It is possible to obtain a that can be read by machine (MRP
  • Proof of Pakistani citizenship is required
  • Permission to purchase and sell real estate in Pakistan

New Nadra Nicop
You can acquire a NICOP Nadra Card to benefit from all the advantages of holding this card, and you may apply for it online! You don't need to go to the embassy or consulate to Apply Nicop Online. if you use Nadra Card Centre. You may apply for your New Nadra card from anywhere in the world, and we'll have it printed and delivered to you! Click here to apply