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The following documents are required online, for the renewal of your Machine-Readable Pakistani Passport Renewal.

    1. Copy of your computerized National Identity Card.
    2. Copy of your old passport (first two pages).
    3. Attestation form for minors (in the case of a minor).
    4. No-Objection Certificate, NOC (in the case of an employee of the Government of Pakistan).
    5. Note: Apart from the above documents, you may also provide the following documents, depending upon the nature of your application
    If the applicant is less than 18 years of age, the following documents may be required in addition to the mandatory documents:
    1. NICOP or Family Registration Certificate, FRC (NICOP can be processed online).
    2. National ID Card copy of parents.
    3. Copy of Computerized B-Form.
    4. Copy of Death Certificate (if either parent has passed away).
    5. Guardianship certificate.
    6. Minor Attestation form

We all know, in the process of applying for Visas for Pakistan, you must have an authorized passport. In case, if it’s the first time someone traveling alone or to another country, they must be sometimes a little bit confused and worried if they would be able to manage it all on their own.

Can I Renew Pakistani Passport?

Yes, You can easily renew your Pakistani passports with Nicop Services UK.Let’s suppose if you are one of them and don’t know where and how to apply for Pakistani passports, Pakistani Passport Renewal, or Visas for Pakistan, what you need to do all is to visit our website. And you will find here a cooperative team of specialists working around the clock giving their best to sort out everything for you.